Walking Onion

June 5, 2011 § Leave a comment

In the many seasons and turns around the sun, I’ve had numerous gardens and plant friends grace my presence, each one unique and captivating in their own right. I’ve fallen in love with so many kinds of plants. Out of all of the medicine, flowers and food that are at different stages in their life cycle in our garden this year, the one that I’m constantly drawn to is the Walking Onion. It’s considered a perennial, which according to my dictionary means lasting for an apparently infinite time, or enduring…That’s a pretty great gift to be granted. 

 This is their second summer in our ground. As they grow, they emerge from their transparent wombs and put on quite a show as they dance and sculpt their way to a new version of themselves.  

 They very quickly multiply and grow from the picture above to the one below. 

Those once new flowers form their own little bulbs and eventually get so heavy they have to lay themselves down on the ground.

They find their new place to rest, dig their roots, and start the cycle all over again.

It’s amazing to witness this plant’s growth and reproduction happen above ground and in such an expressive way. 

I love the reminder that each new onion is always from the same source and their lineage is long. I love that the onions and greens we can cook with travel around and have relationships with different plants in our garden. I like to think of these onions as having a deep understanding that they’ll be here for a while and they’re taking the time to get to know the other plants that share their home. 

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