Ode to Vermont

March 23, 2012 § 2 Comments

I love Vermont. It’s totally my kinda scene, we suit each other really well and from the first time I came here, my body knew it was home.

Vermont is a foodie’s dream. Amazing organic food at every corner, fresh apples that are so crisp and tasty, yummy cheeses, locally brewed brews, and of course, maple syrup.

I live on a mountain in a town that has no traffic lights, and the town I work in only has one. You know it is rush hour when you sit at a stop sign for almost 60 seconds.

And here’s one of the most amazing things….

This is how the entire town’s recycling is picked up every week.

Every Friday people put their recycling on the curb and a horse and buggy team pick it up, rain or shine, snow or summer.

This makes me so happy down to the center of my being.

We’ve been having an unseasonably warm spell…sunny and 70’s all week. I’m not going to miss summers in the south and Vermont, I think we are going to have a fabulous time together this summer.

Your rivers are calling me to sink into you and your mountains are pulling me to come explore.

I lovermont.


Friday Photography

March 16, 2012 § Leave a comment

Some Fridays I’ve simply posted photographs (see Miksang on this blog). Soulemama posts a picture every Friday with no words, just a photo that captures a moment from her week and I love the simplicity of it.

Here is a picture that I love from my week.

the family bed…”papa with very long arms.”

calendula oil

March 13, 2012 § 1 Comment

We’ve been having the most gorgeous, warm weather the past few days here in Vermont. I’ve been feeling the pull of spring, the earth calling to be loved, tended and planted with a bounty of seeds.  I’ve been told that Vermonters don’t put anything in the ground until Memorial Day weekend….Memorial Day weekend folks! That’s at the end of May. I come from Georgia where you can grow year round without really needing a greenhouse. Since we don’t have a greenhouse here and we have to find a new house in May, there’s not much we can do to get a garden ready for now.

So we’ve been working with plants in a different way until we find our dream spot and can put up a greenhouse and get to the gardening!  Papa and little O have started lettuces, and other herbs inside since we have huge sunny windows by the woodstove, so our little seedlings won’t get cold. They’ve also been growing lots of wheatgrass and sprouts.

This weekend we started some calendula oil.

First we sanitized the jars in boiling water.

Then we set them in the oven to dry. When making herbal oils, it’s important to not have any water in the jars to prevent molding.

Then we gathered our supplies.

Then we stuffed the jars to the top full of dried calendula flowers and then filled them with olive oil.

Here’s a birds eye view.

Time for lids.

The jars will sit out for a few weeks. Every so often we’ll give them a shake and then we’ll strain them and keep the oil. We’ll bottle the oil and use it as is for topical cuts, scrapes, etc. Some of it I’ll use for salves and lotion bars. Calendula is so good for the skin! And as we transition out of winter and into spring, we are in need of some yummy oil for our dry skin.

Calendula is really easy to grow in your garden or in containers. Since we moved across the country and didn’t take our garden with us, we bought a big bag of calendula flowers for very little money and hardly put a dent in it for this project.

Getting Crafty

March 5, 2012 § Leave a comment

March is National Craft Month, or so I’ve been told.

work is CRAZY busy and I’ve been itching for some crafty time lately…

as I sit at my desk today, day dreaming of all of the craft projects that are on my list I look down and see this.

my basket that I take everywhere filled with past knitting projects that I now enjoy daily.

2 hats, because I might need 2 at some point…it’s cold here in Vermont. :), arm warmers, and a scarf from my mama.

I know that even though I’m not crafting at the moment, I breathe in and feel comfort and inspiration having all of this knitted goodness next to me.

I’m almost finished with O’s waldorf doll…so stay tuned for that posting this week!

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