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Here’s my favorite duck egg that we dyed for Easter. {You can click on it to make it bigger.} It looks a lot like mama earth to me and it jump started my desire to learn to dye again. Our intention for Easter was to dye our duck eggs naturally. We spent the morning gathering plants from the woods and garden and boiled them in pots, watching them to see what colors would emerge. After a few hours, nothing was happening and we started to get discouraged. I realized I want to read more about this art of dying with plants. So here’s the book I’m getting myself as a late birthday present. The Handbook of Natural Plant Dyes.

This book will fuel my dying projects in a few ways….

For Christmas I was given money to spend on amazing hand-dyed hemp fabric to make a new wardrobe with. Well, I waited too long to use it and the amazing artist whose fabric I had been drooling over for months, closed her shop. In my search for something similarly inspiring, I haven’t found anything I like. So I think I’ll use the money to buy some un-dyed hemp fabric and create my own colors, and then use the fabric I create to inspire the pieces I will sew.

I also intend to grow as many of the plants as we can. I spent all day yesterday starting flower seeds in our greenhouse. We plant according to a Biodynamic calendar which uses the planetary and star alignments to determine the most ideal times to plant things in four categories; roots, flowers, leaves, and fruits. So as we sow our seeds for food, fiber and fun I’ll share our journey.

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